Listen to "After the Pandemic: Digitalizing our courts", an episode of "The every Lawyer" presented by CBA National. Yves Faguy speaks with Karen Eltis, the author of “Courts, Litigants and the Digital Age,” about the pressing need to modernize our courts, the risks that come with it, and the precautions we should be taking.

Karen Eltis talks about the rush to digitalize our courts system, the justice system’s reliance on private platforms, and why we need to think about the security of our data.

Learn about the Legal and Constitutional Issues Relating to the Use of Digital Surveillance in Israel to Combat COVID-19, featuring Prof. Yuval Shany. Watch Here

Yuval Shany interview about Israel’s technology and surveillance-heavy approach to the COVID-19 pandemic. Covers the particularly fraught political crisis that the virus exacerbated, the use of Israel’s counterterrorism tools to trace contacts of infected individuals, and the significance of locational privacy in the face of a deadly contagion. Listen here
(March 2020)

Tomer Shadmy Interview about Discrimination Against Women on Apple's New Credit Card, Which is Based on Machine Learning – Kan11. Listen here (Hebrew)

Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak Received a Graduate Card From the Hebrew University (Hebrew)
(November 2019)

The Federmann family donated 7 million dollars to the Federmann Cyber Security Research Center at the Hebrew University (Hebrew)
(November 2019)

Dana Yaffe converse with journalist and technologist Ido Kenan on his podacst "Sharat Hatarbut" of Room 404 an Israeli based digital culture magazine about the Clinic on Human Rights in cyberspace's activities. What does the police's 'shaming officer' do? What legal obligations to the public social networks have? Does the National Security Agency follow us online? and more – listen here
(November 2019)

What is Facebook? Judge Isaac Amit Has an Idea, and It is Related to "Black Mirror" – TheMarker (Hebrew)
(June 2019)

Facebook Blocked You or Deleted Your Post? You May Soon Be Able to Sue – TheMarker (Hebrew)
(May 2019)

Interview with Ron Shamir in Kan Night news, Channel 11, about 'Fake Elections' Research 
(April 2019)

Cyber Bill Would Give Netanyahu Unsupervised Powers, Experts Warn – Ha'aretz Newspaper on Deborah Housen-Couriel, Dan Efrony, Amir Cahane and Amit Sheniak position on the Cyber Law Bill
(March 2019)

Professional Review of the Cyber Law Memo – PC on Amit Sheniak position on the Cyber Law Bill (Hebrew)
(March 2019)

What's Hidden in Benny Gantz's Phone? – Ron Shamir, former head of the Shin Bet Technology Department and a member of The Federmann Cyber Law Program, explained in Galatz (Hebrew)
(March 2019)

Elections 2019: In the Shadow of a Cyber Attack – New Podcast by the Israel Democracy Institute With Ron Shamir, Eli Bahar and Sami Peretz
(March 2019)

"Elections 2019: Were You Blocked From an Official Social Network Page? There Is Something to Be Done" – Interview with Dana Yaffe in Takdin
(March 2019)

"Israel is More Vulnerable to Foreign Intervention in Elections" – Interview with Eli Bahar and Ron Shamir in Calcalist Newspaper (Hebrew)
(January 2019)

Interview with Ron Shamir in London and Kirshenbaum, Channel 10 and with Eli Bahar in Kan Bet on the 'Fake Elections' Research 
(January 2019)

Selene Verri, Fighting Terrorism Online: Prevention is Better Than Cure – on Michael Wolfowicz
(November 2018)

Internet Legislators Conference in the Knesset (Hebrew)
(October 2018)

Interview with Prof. Yuval Shany
Journal for Alumni, Faculty of Law, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem / July 2017​

"Hebrew U sets up team to tackle complex world of cyber-law"
The Times of Israel / (January 2017)