Yuval Shany

Yuval Shany

Professor Yuval Shany is the Hersch Lauterpacht Chair in International Law and former Dean of the Law Faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He also currently serves as a member of the UN Human Rights Committee (2013-2020; Chair 2018-2019) – an expert body monitoring compliance by 172 States with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights – as the Academic Chair of the Minerva Center for Human Rights at the Hebrew University, and as a Vice President for Research at the Israel Democracy Institute.

Since 2016, Prof. Shany coordinates the work of the Cyber-Law program in the International Cyber-Security Research Center at the Hebrew University. As part of this program, he investigates the application of the international law to cyber-attacks and milirary applications of AI, the responsibility of states and companies to protect online human rights and the regulation of on-line surveillance. Prof. Shany received his LL.B. cum laude from the Hebrew University, LL.M. from New York University and Ph.D. in international law from the University of London.

Yuval's Research:

Encryption Rights

Re-conceptualizing Digital Rights

Regulation of Communication Networks Surveillance and the Principle of Proportionality

Regulating Military Applications of Cyber Enhancement of Humans

* The Prospects for an International Attribution Mechanism for Cyber Operations

The Tallinn Manual on Cyber Operations and the Laws of War: Towards Customary International Law

Yuval's Research Group:
* Research Group on Regulation of Cyber Security Standards for Private Market


Yuval's Blog:

Israel’s Version of Moving Fast and Breaking Things: The New Cybersecurity Bill

Israel, Cyberattacks and International Law

From Rule of Law to Rule of Community Standards?

Approaches to International Cyberlaw: A View from Israel

* Cyberspace: The Final Frontier of Extra-Territoriality in Human Rights Law

* On-Line Surveillance in the case-law of the UN Human Rights Committee


Listen to Prof. Shany in the TLV1 Podcast on 'Private Eyes: Data, Metadata and Civil Rights'

Israel, Cyberattacks and International Law

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