Lex Cybernetica Podcast

The Lex Cybernetica Podcast and the Lex Cybernetica Interview is intended to bring together experts to discuss issues from the Center’s core activities and research.


The Lex Cybernetica Podcast chapters will address the following subjects:

1. Cyber Law and the Tallinn Manual
2. Regulation of Electronic Currencies
3. Privacy and the GDPR
4. Cyber Terrorism: Profiling and Human Rights
5. Fake News
6. Surveillance
7. Digital Rights
8. Military Application of Human Enhancement Technologies
9. Big Data and Information Security
10. Artificial Intelligence
11. Ecosystem and Cyber Conflicts
12. Encryption Rights
13. Vulnerability of Smart Medicine
14. The Human Factor in Cyber Crime
15. Smart and Autonomous Cars



The Lex Cybernetica Interview chapters will be with the following Scholars:

1. Prof. Aviv Zohar
2. Prof. Noam Lubell
3. Prof. Michael Schapira
4. Dr. Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler
5. Prof. David Maimon
6. Prof. Yuval Shany

Click here to watch photos from the recordings.

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