The Future is Here – Films on Cyber, Regulation and Enforcement

"העתיד כבר כאן" – מפגש של חובבי/ות קולנוע, מומחי/ות סייבר, סטודנטים/ות ומרצים/ות. בכל מפגש יוצג סרט בנושאי סייבר, רגולציה ואכיפה, שלאחריו תיערך הרצאה על ידי מומחה/ית בתחום.

"The Future Is Here" – a meeting of movie enthusiasts, cyber experts, students and lecturers. Each session will feature a film on cyber, regulation and enforcement related topic, followed by a cyber expert lecture.

Future Events

Past Events

  • 11/12/2018 – The episode "Men Against Fire" of the science fiction series "Black Mirror" will be screened. The episode and the lecture followed by Dr. Thibault Moulin deals with human cyber enhancement and the unanticipated consequences of new technologies, in light of the army's use of advanced technologies to mask reality.

The meetings will be held at the Media Department of the Bloomfield Library, Mt. Scopus, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.