Lex Cybernetica Podcast – Accountability

Legal accountability means that an unlawful act does not go with impunity. When a state carries out a cyber operation against another state, it’s accountable under international law towards the international community. However, international law doesn’t always have teeth to hold the rogue actor accountable. Additional challenges include attributing the act to a state, which might be using proxy groups and technology to conceal its identity and the actions themselves; and even the mere definition of a rogue act in cyberspace, using tools from the kinetic world.

 We discuss all that in this episode of Lex Cybernetica, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Federmann Cyber Security Research Center’s podcast, with Yaël Ronen, Professor of International Law and a research associate at the Federmann Cyber Security Research Center; Isabella Brunner, researcher and lecturer in Public International Law at Bundeswehr University Munich; Rogier Bartels, an international criminal lawyer and a research fellow at Federmann Cyber Security Research Center ; and Lex Cybernetica’s host, Ido Kenan.

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