Prof. David Maimon

Prof. David Maimon is the guest of this episode of Lex Cybernetica. Prof. Maimon is an Associate Professor in the department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Georgia State University. His research interests include cyber-enabled and cyber-dependent crimes and experimental research methods. His current research focuses on computer hacking and the progression of system trespassing events, online deception and fraud, computer networks vulnerabilities to cyber attacks, and decision-making process in cyberspace.

In his interview, Prof. Maimon points the finger at cybersecurity companies and experts who don’t use evidence based proof to their tools’ effectiveness, and says there’s not enough good data – it’s either questionable or not the right data at all – to independently evaluate it, thus making us potentially more unprotected against, and as a result more susceptible to, cyberthreats than we thought.
Prof. Maimon also talks about the different cybersecurity practices people use in different situations, and how hackers can be nudged to leave an infiltrated system before they damage it.

This episode of Lex Cybernetica is hosted by Ido Kenan.

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