Prof. Michael Schapira

The Internet works, but we’d like it to work better. But fixing it is not as easy as it would have been when it was just a fledgeling academic network. For the last decade, Prof. Michael Schapira has been tackling one really essential part of it – securing Internet routing. Apparently, it’s currently based on trust. What could possibly go wrong?

Another pet peeve of Schapira's is time. Specifically, how to use the web to accurately synchronize one’s computer or cellular clock. His suggested solution: an app called Chronos.

Prof. Michael Schapira, an associate professor at the School of Computer Science and Engineering, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the scientific co-leader of the Federmann Cyber Security Research Center at Hebrew University, is our guest on this episode of Lex Cybernetica, hosted by Ido Kenan.



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