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Some consider Barbie detrimental to young girls’ body image development. Hello Barbie, an IoT version of the plastic model, posed a much more tangible threat: security researcher Matt Jakubowski found that the doll was vulnerable to hacking, enabling eavesdropping through access to its built-in microphone.

Many of us have and use IoT devices: your smart watch, your activity trackers, your robotic vacuum cleaner, your smart light bulb, your app controlled air conditioner. But few of us are aware of the cybersecurity threats they pose to us and to others, out of the box.

We discuss this subject in this episode of Lex Cybernetica, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Federmann Cybersecurity Center’s podcast, with David Hay, associate professor at the Hebrew University School of Computer Science and Engineering and head of the Federmann Cyber Security Research Center; Sivan Rauscher, Co-Founder and CEO of SecuringSam; Dr. Eldar Haber, senior lecturer at the Haifa University Faculty of Law; and Lex Cybernetica’s host, Ido Kenan.





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