Rotem Medzini

Rotem Medzini

Rotem Medzini is a PhD Candidate in Public Policy at the Federmann School of Public Policy and Government at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In his PhD project, supervised by Prof. David Levi-Faur, Rotem is investigating multi-actor Internet governance through the premise of the policy instruments and the regulatory strategies that state and non-state actors adopt within their rule-making positions, rule-intermediary implementation, and rule-taking compliance actions. In his research projects, Rotem combines methods and understandings from regulation theory and network system theory to analyze how rule-makers within different Internet governance regimes hold a regulatory capacity capable to regulate information and content flow. Among his research interests are social media and digital content regulation, information privacy law and policy, regulation theory, online governance and self-regulation, intellectual property, and virtual worlds.
Before arriving to the Federmann School, Rotem received his JSM from Stanford Law School and the Stanford Program in International Legal Studies (SPILS). At Stanford Law School, Rotem wrote his thesis (with Honors) on how the regulation of the Federal Trade Commission influenced the privacy-related practices of Facebook and Google. In addition, Rotem also holds a LL.B. and a LL.M both from the University of Haifa and both in the field of Law & Technology. At the University of Haifa, Rotem was a research fellow, as well as, the coordinator of the Haifa Center for Law and Technology and of the Cyber Forum, a joint project of the Haifa Center for Law & Technology (HCLT) and the Minerva Center for the Rule of Law under Extreme Conditions. During his studies, Rotem received several awards, fellowships, and scholarships from Stanford Law School, the Federmann School, and the Haifa Center for Law and Technology. Alongside his academic achievements, Rotem also took part in Internet policy making in the Israeli arena. Rotem clerked with the Commissioner of the Israeli Law, Information, and Technology Authority (The Israel Data Protection Authority) at the Israeli Department of Justice, and for seven years acted as one of the project leaders of the Israel affiliate team of Creative Commons.


Rotem's Research:

The Adoption of New Policy Instruments and Regulatory Strategies into the Regulation of Information and Communication Technologies

Rotem's Post:

* What is Facebook Getting Wrong in Combating Revenge Porn?

Rotem's Research Summary:

Regulation of European Data Protection Officers as Regulatory Intermediaries: Between Public and Transnational Private Regulatiion

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