Anat Eisenstein Bar-On

Anat Eisenstein Bar-On

Eisenstein Bar-On

Anat Eisenstein Bar-On is a Phd student at the law faculty, the Hebrew University. Anat has an LL.B degree from the College of Management and an LL.M degree (International and Public Law) from the Hebrew University. Anat’s current research challenges prevailing legal paradigms concerning the applicability of jus ad bellum to cyber-attacks.

Prior to her academic activities, Anat Eisenstein Bar-On practiced law for a few years, both in the public (the Department for International Agreements and International Litigation, Office of the Deputy Attorney General, Ministry of Justice) and private sectors.



Anat's Research:

* Cyber-attack and the Prohibition of the Use of Force: The Scope of Article 2(4) in Cyberspace

Anat's Blog:

* The (il)Legality of Interference in Elections under International Law

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