Ayelet Gordon-Tapiero

Ayelet Gordon-Tapiero

Ayelet Tapiero holds a BA in Law from the Hebrew University (cum laude).

During her undergraduate studies, Ayelet was a member of the Hebrew University team which participated in the Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition, representing the faculty at the Washington DC International Competition, and was awarded the Fritz Overlander Award for Outstanding Students in Public International Law. After her studies, Ayelet interned with Dr. Yaacov Weinroth in the field of white collar litigation.

Ayelet served as an academic advisor to the International Master's Degree Programs at the Law Faculty at Hebrew University. 

Ayelet is a Research Fellow in the Faculty of Law since 2016.

Ayelet’s doctoral dissertation is titled Regulating the Sharing Economy. Prof. Eyal Zamir is her doctoral advisor. Ayelet’s interests include private law, consumer protection and behavioral analysis of the law.

Ayelet's Research:

* Data Co-ops

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