Barak Medina

Barak Medina

Prof. Medina is a faculty member and former Dean of the Law Faculty. His teaching and research areas include constitutional law, and economic analysis of law. He is a graduate of Tel-Aviv University (LL.B. 1991, BA Econ. 1991, MA Econ. 1992), Harvard Law School (LL.M., 1996), and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (PhD. Econ. 1999). He served as a Visiting Professor at Columbia Law School and University of California at Berkeley Law School.

In constitutional law Prof. Medina’s main fields of interest include: theory of judicial review, the protection of human rights, legal aspects of anti-terror warfare, equality and antidiscrimination law, public choice theory, and more. He is the co-author (with Prof. Amnon Rubinstein) of the authoritative book on Israel’s Constitutional Law, now in its 6th edition. He also serves as the substitute Israeli member at the Venice Commission of the Council of Europe.

In economic analysis of law Prof. Medina’s scholarship includes research in economic analysis of contract law and other areas of law.


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