Einat Albin

Einat Albin

Dr Einat Albin is a Senior Lecturer and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Law and the Academic Director of the Minerva Center for Human Rights. Her expertise is in the field of labour law, and her research specifically focuses on service work (the involvement of customers in work relations), and on conceptions of the human within labour law (including interest in posthumanist conceptions in relations to new technologies). She recently won a grant from the Israel National Institute for Health Policy Research to research: "Protecting Public Health from COVID-19 While Securing Human Rights: Balances and Transparency from a Comparative Perspective" together with Prof Aeyal Gross from Tel-Aviv University and Prof Nadav Davidovitch from Ben-Gurion. As part of her interests in labour rights within a regime of new technologies, Dr Albin is currently conducting a research on Labour Rights in an Era of Cyber-Security in co-operation with the Federmann Cyber Security Research Center.  


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