Gadi Perl

Gadi Perl

Gadi has an LLB and LLM from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Starting in 2010 - Gadi Perl is currently a Senior Investigator and Team leader in the Israeli Antitrust Authority Investigations Department.

Gadi is a qualified cybercrime and computer-forensic investigator, and is in charge of gathering digital evidence in the Antitrust Authority. Gadi is responsible for the development and acquisition of digital evidence gathering tools in the antitrust agency, which have brought the majority of incriminating evidence in recent cartels investigations. 

Gadi is a member in both the Technologies and Training sub-committees of the Israeli Joint Task Force Committee in charge of Enforcement against Economic Organized Crime. 

Prior to joining the Antitrust Authority, during his military service Gadi served as deputy base commander in the Israeli Defense force, Military Police Investigations Unit. 


Gadi's Research:

A Technology Oriented Approach to Regulating Self-Driving Vehicles


Gadi's Blogs:

 * Difficulties Regulating Self Driving Vehicles

 * Several Thoughts Following the Fatal Uber Accident in Tempe

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Gadi Perl

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