Lior Zaks

Lior Zaks


Lior Zaks is a Doctoral Student at the Hebrew University’s faculty of law.

In addition to obtaining an LL.B degree from the College of Management, Lior has also completed his Master’s degree (LL.M) at Tel-Aviv University. Lior’s PHD research focuses mainly on the fields of DAO, decentralization and Anarchism.

Lior is an Israeli pioneer researcher as well as a licensed lawyer in the Blockchain and digital currencies space, writing one of the first theoretical studies worldwide on money theories and digital currencies (2010).

Since then, Lior has been working in this field, developing and mastering expertise in all FinTech and Blockchain aspects, including white-collar financial issues, worldwide regulation, decentralization, technology, finance and international businesses, working as a lawyer, global consultant and a professional advisor. In addition, Lior has appeared in and is quoted by many international conferences as not only a speaker and innovator but also an influencer.

In the last few years, Lior lived in Germany working in the E.U. as a professional futurist and multidisciplinary innovation expert (FinTech, decentralized infrastructures and architectures, implementation and integration processes, payments, industry 4.0, A.I. and Blockchain).

Furthermore, Lior is a reserved Major in the IDF’s J6/C4I & Cyber Defence Directorate.