Research Group on Regulation of Cyber Security Standards for Private Market

Governance of cyberspace poses a myriad of challenges. Traditional governance is defied by cyberspace's reach across geo-political boundaries, the increasing co-dependency of public and private sectors, and the challenges of anonymity and attribution. The regulation of  cyberspace is thus markedly different in comparison with other domains. The purpose of the Cyber Research Team is to advance legal research concerning cyber-security regulation in light of the aforementioned challenges. Topics covered include the costs and benefits of centralized versus decentralized cyber regulation; The boundaries of regulatory discretion in cyberspace; and the role of different branches of law as possible substitutes or enhancers of regulation and supervision.

Group members:

* Amit Ashkenazi

* Amir Cahane

Yoav Dotan

Eugene Kandel

Rotem Medzini

* Yuval Segev

Yuval Shany

* Amit Sheniak

* Sharon Yadin


For more details, please contact Amir Cahane: