Abstract- Why women download illegally?: an empirical study of the gender gap in digital piracy


The gender gap in crime has been one of the most studied criminological phenomena, and an attempt has been made to explain it through different criminological theories and their variables, such as deterrence, differential association, moral values, among many others. However, with the emergence of cyberspace as an environment of criminal opportunity, new challenges arise to explain this gender gap. In this study, we test the effectiveness of the deterrence model, the social influence and the legitimacy in the field of digital piracy from a gender perspective by means of a representative sample of the Spanish population, with the aim of analysing whether the variables of the different theories influence women differently than men. The results point to the fact that the gender gap in digital piracy exists, although only of some behaviours. Likewise, that the variables that influence women also influence men. To conclude we reflect about some differences between women and men regarding the variables that influence digital piracy in both genders.