Are we Human. Are we Robot

By: Amit RechaviDavid Maimon and Tamar Berenblum

Human and bot hacking networks – Cyber-crime and hacking are a ubiquitous phenomenon in cyberspace. Nevertheless, who are the ones who actually commit the attacks? Are they human or sophisticated software (bots)? If both are true, how can we tell them apart? And why should we? In a continuous honey-pots' experiment, we investigate these questions. We claim that hacking network is composed of both human and computers; each one has its own unique hacking footprint.  – humans' and bots' concrete and different attack pattern. We suggest techniques to distinguish between the two types of attackers, to deter humans from hacking to detect botnets prior to their activation. This paper describes the experiment management and based on its results it suggests numerous deterrence's options.