Amit Rechavi

Amit Rechavi

Dr. Amit Rechavi is a Postdoc researcher in the Department of Engineering at Tel Aviv University and a researcher fellow in the Center for Internet Research at the University of Haifa. His Doctoral thesis at the University of Haifa study explores dynamic networks and specifically the possible growth or decay of social networks.

His research is focused on vast amounts of data derived from digital media. Amit focuses on the appliance of network methodologies and Big data methods on research fields such as economics, criminology, transportation, information science, health and education. His research is quantitative and combines network analysis (SNA), statistical tools and relevant theories. It incorporates technology tools to collect and analyze huge data sets with theories concerning human behavior and human-machine interfaces. His studies are interdisciplinary and he is involved in extensive cooperation with departments and scholars from various schools such as the Tel Aviv University, the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology), Maryland University, the Hebrew University, The Center for Internet Research at Haifa University, and the Ruppin Academic Center.

In addition, He teaches several BA, MBA and BSc courses in technology, Information systems, Entrepreneurship and Networks. Besides his academic work, Amit advises business organizations and companies in the field of network analysis, human behavior analysis, and big data.


Amit's research:

An Analysis of Human Rights Future Violations using Google Trends

* Are we Human. Are we Robot

Hackers Topology Matter Geography Mapping the Dynamics of Repeated System Trespassing Events Networks

Missing person project

Reconstruction and Analysis of an International Hacking Network

Security Vaccination Ransomware Experiment


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