Cybersecurity: Prevention and Regulation of Cyber threats / Dr. Tamar Berenblum

Course Number: 48429

As cyberspace — the online world of computer networks and the internet — evolves, it also facilitate the spread of disruptive cyber activities, which have the potential to cause significant damages for individuals, organizations and states. Today’s transition to cyberspace and Iinternet of things (IOT) has created new challenges for the prevention and regulation of cyber threats including: cybercrimes, cyber-warfare, internet terrorism, human rights violations and more.

But what exactly is cybersecurity? What are cybersecurity threats? What kind of policy challenges, in this regard, is the world facing today? Who are the social actors taking part in solving cybersecurity problems? How efficient are the international legal instruments and the regional and the national policies in addressing problems of cybersecurity? Could multilateral diplomacy solve cybersecurity problems? 

These questions will be explored in depth throughout this course from national (Israeli) as well as international perspectives. We will discuss cyber threats and their prevention and regulation from legal, criminological and public policy perspectives.



2nd semester