Israeli and International Cybersecurity Law / Deborah Housen-Couriel

Course Number: 62324

The emerging field of cyber law is characterized by rapid and substantive changes in the activities to which it applies both in the international arena and in Israel. Nearly half of the world's population currently has access to cyberspace, a new human phenomenon that has had much positive impact (such as in the fields of health, education and law).

However, there are also phenomena of abuse by hostile elements: states, societies, groups and individuals. 

This course reviews and analyzes the legal and regulatory regimes applicable to activities in cyberspace, given this complex reality. It examines the development of cyber law and the various governance arrangements currently in place, including international agreements, codes of conduct, and other developments; as well as the developing body of Israeli laws and regulations and its relationship to international cyber law. 

The course program consists of four units: Legal and Regulatory Frameworks for Cyberspace at the International and Domestic Levels; Israeli Cyber Law and Regulation; The Balance between Security and Individual Rights in Cyberspace; and International and Israeli Legal and Regulatory Developments in Cyberspace. Within these four units we will analyze events in cyberspace and the key legal issues they raise, such as cyberattacks on critical infrastructures, data breaches, cybercrime and terrorist use of the internet, and international cooperation mechanisms for the enforcement of cyber law and regulation. Towards the end of the course, an in-class moot court will be held on the main issues studied.