18th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology


Wed, 29/08/2018 (All day) to Sat, 01/09/2018 (All day)


Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina


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We welcome you to visit cybercrime related seatings:

29/8/18, Wednesday: Pre Conference Meetings

The European Society of Criminology Working Group on Cybercrime, 16:00-18:00.
2nd Sarajevo Cyber Security Forum, 9:00-11:00.


30/8/18, Thursday

Different Research Methods to Study Cybercriminals, 08:30-09:45

  • Interviewing the Interviewer: Qualitative Interview Approaches for Cybercrime Research
  • Unraveling Cybercriminal Networks by Analyzing Large Scale Police Investigations

  • NSCR Anonymity Publicity Index (Api): An Empirical Classification of Exposure of Online Users

  •  Cyber-Offenders Versus Traditional Offenders: An Empirical Comparison

The Dark Web, 10:00- 11:15

  • Lightning up the Darkweb
  • Unravelling Online Child Exploitation Networks on the Dark Web

  • Dyadic and Network Learning in Online Drug Marketplaces: Commitment or Market Efficiency?

  • The Lifted Veil: Communication Between Actors on Darknetmarket Hansa

Online Crime Markets, 14:15-15:30

  • Trust and Mechanisms of Trust in Online Stolen Goods Markets
  • Stolen Online Credentials: A Hijacker’S Decision--Making Perspective

  • What Can Cryptomarket Research Tell Us About the About Illicit Trade: Implications Beyond the Digital?

  • Exploring the Processes of Removing Child Sexual Abuse Material Online. the Case Study of the Internet Watch Foundation.

Cybercrime Victimization,17:00-15:45

  • Predictors of Cybercrime Victimization: Causal Effects or Biased Associations?
  • Cybercrime Victimization of Smes: Prevalence and Risk Factors
  • Cybercrime: A Growing Threat for Businesses? The Results of Two Business Victimization Surveys in Belgium
  • Criminological Theory and Computer Network Vulnerabilities

Cybercriminals and Cybercriminal Networks, 17:30-18:45

  • Organised (Cyber)Crime: About Old and New Bottlenecks, Bitcoins and Cash
  • The Web of Profit: Platform Criminality and the Cybercrime Economy

  • The Social-Psychological Processes Behind the Hacktivist’S Mind: Why and How They Became Hacktivists

  • How Organized Is ‘Organized Cybercrime’: A Theoretical and Empirical Exploration of Cybercriminal (Actor-)Networks.

More Cyber-related Sessions:

Hunter or Prey? an Analysis of Cyberstalking Situational Profiles and Their Preferred Places (Part of Surveys and interview Panel), 17:30-18:45.

Digital Pax Latin Americana: Middle Powers and Cybersecurity Governance (Part of the Plural Policing Panel), 17:30-18:45.


31/8/18, Friday

Cybercrime (WG) – Panel I, 08:30-09:45

  • Human as a Factor in Defending Against Cybercrime

  • Level Up: Increasing Knowledge on Digital Aspects of Police Work

  • Body Worn Cameras: Effects on Police Work

  • Fake News, Hoaxes and Dissemination of False Information on the Internet –Criminal and Criminological Aspects

  • Counteracting ‘Hacking’ in a Transitional Society: The Example of Ukraine

Cybercrime (WG) – Panel II,10:00-11:15

  • Carding University: Darknet Forums and Markets as Learning Platforms

  • Exploring the Processes of Removing Child Sexual Abuse Material Online. the Case Study of the Internet Watch Foundation

  • Cyberbullying: A New Type of Violence Amongst Us

  • Conflicts in Cyberspace. An Explorative and (N)Ethnographic Research Into the Online Social World of Young People

More Cyber-related Sessions:

The Path to (Cyber) Jihad: an Analysis of the Phases of the Radicalization Process, and Its Influence on Individuals Based on Data From Judicial Sentences (Part of the Empirical Evidence and Criminal Justice Panel), 08:30-9:45.

The Changing Incidence and Prevalence of Cyberbullying: Evidence From the Us National Crime Victimization Survey School Crime Supplement (Part of Crime Trends and risk factors Panel), 10:00-11:15.

The Cyberspace as a Criminal Enabler: New Challenges and New Policing  Approaches (Part of Policing Panel II), 14:15-15:30.

The Noce Project  – Noi Al Centro. Bullying, Cyberbullying, School and Social  Discomfort in a Tuscan School (Part of Types of offendingPanel IV), 15:45-17:00.

Hungarian Crime Prevention in Cyberspace: The Achievements and Deficiencies of the Governmental Crime Prevention Strategies ((Part of Crime, security and criminal policy Panel), 17:30-18:45.