Cyber Challenges to International Human Rights


Mon, 11/12/2017 (All day)


The Hebrew University and University of Haifa


The CyberLaw Program, International Cybersecurity Research Center, Hebrew University and the Cyber, Law and Policy Center, University of Haifa


In recent years, the digital ecosystem has become an arena for hostile cyber activities on the part of states, terror organizations, and independent or semi-independent hackers, affecting the interests of individuals, organizations, and states. At the same, powerful public and private entities are able to exercise broad powers of surveillance, information collection, and manipulation of software and hardware, and can utilize such powers for nefarious ends. This emerging and under-regulated arena creates new threats to civil liberties and human rights. Do existing international laws and domestic law instruments and institutions adequately address these new threats to civil liberties and human rights? 

This conference aims to bring together an international group of established and young scholars who are studying cybersecurity and its ramifications for civil liberties and human rights. The conference will offer an opportunity to present cutting-edge research addressing these issues, to introduce new projects and thought-provoking initiatives, and to promote exchange among participants that will inform their ongoing research.

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Full agenda and video records:

* Day 1 - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

* Day 2 - University of Haifa

Keynote speakers

Prof. Gabriella Blum | Roger Dingledine | Prof. Michael N. Schmitt | Prof. Arun Chinmayi

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