Cyber Justice - Human Rights based approach to Internet Governance / Anja Mihr


Wed, 27/12/2017 - 15:00 to 16:30


Yael room, Institute of Criminology

Anja Mihr, DAAD visiting lecturer at HU/ Director, Center on Governance through Human Rights, Berlin.

How we will be governing and managing Big Data, Providers and ICT in the Internet will depend on how we define , organize and adhere to common rules for the Internet in the future. This will depend on governmental, civil/user and business cooperation. We will 'all' be responsible to protect human rights standards in the Internet, such as freedom and privacy rights, and foster people’s activities within that space. In light of the growing scope of communications and interactions in the internet, Anja Mihr shows how human rights and governance regimes can be adapted to cyberspace in order to ensure more accountability, transparency and interaction among those who use the internet and those who manage and provide internet services. 

Reading materials:

Mihr, A. (2016). Cyber Justice: Cyber Governance through Human Rights and a Rule of Law in the Internet. US-China L. Rev.13, 314.‏

Mihr, A. (2017). Cyber Justice: Human Rights and Good Governance for the Internet.‏