"Wicked Problems" of New Cyberspace Technologies: To Regulate or Not to Regulate / Ram Levi


Sun, 07/06/2020 - 12:30 to 13:30

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"Wicked Problems" of New Cyberspace Technologies: To Regulate or Not to Regulate Ram Levi, CEO of Konfidas

The pace of technological development in cyberspace is extremely rapid, providing regulators and policymakers with many reasons to question the relevance of establishing "rules of the game" as the game is still evolving. Yet the need for overarching regulatory guidelines and a clear understanding of what directions for commercial development of technologies are viable  - or at the very least, endorsement of best practices - is critical for entrepreneurs and innovators. A prime example of such a guideline is the EU's GDPR Article 25, which establishes the binding principle of privacy by design and by default. This presentation will highlight current technological developments that pose difficult questions for regulators, both in Israel and globally.

Background readings:

1. EU General Data Protection Regulation, Article 25 and relevant Recitals (here)    

2. ICAO Resolution A39-19, Addressing Cybersecurity in Civil Aviation, 2016 (here, p. VII-22)

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