What Civil Liability for Cyberattacks?


Thu, 21/06/2018 - 09:00 to 17:00


Room R080, Uni Mail building, University of Geneva, Boulevard du Pont-d'Avre 40, 1204 Geneva


Issues related to cybersecurity breaches are increasingly occupying the attention of policy makers and legal scholars. Data protection breaches; informational privacy issues; online fraudulent activities, cyber-attacks and more are extensively discussed and at times are also dealt by particular scrutinized responses of legislators and regulators. Regulatory and judiciary responses to cybersecurity breaches are dealt through a variety of means, including: public law mechanisms (e.g. state regulation, such as standards setting and compliance requirements); criminal law (the imposition of criminal liability for certain conducts and actions) and private law mechanisms – the imposition of civil liability for harms that result from cybersecurity breaches.

Experts from the academy, policy makers and industries will discuss various issues in the form of panels, in particular 

· Cybersecurity breaches and data protection,

· Case studies, with the industries and paths for responding to cybersecurity breaches with a focus on private law;

The conference is  part of a research project between H-CSRC and UNIGE which aims at: (i) analyzing the legal aspects of cybersecurity in a crosscutting approach (potentially between cybersecurity, IP and data protection), and in particular the civil liability and the expected standard of care in case of cyberbreaches, (ii) building a long-lasting community of cybersecurity policy experts from international organizations, industry and academy, which may potentially publish Policies in the form of an electronic platform (e.g. as done  for another digital policy project, on internet disputes : see www.geneva-internet-disputes.ch).

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