CPRN 2020: Privacy After Pandemic: Emerging Directions In Privacy Research


Wed, 24/06/2020 - 16:30 to 18:30


Zoom meeting

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The CPRN 2020 Online Conference will focus on digital privacy challenges while focusing on four themes:

- Conseptualizing Privacy and Capturing its Changing Nature Across Cultures
- The Challenge of Measuring Privacy Across Cultural and Political Context
- Cultural and Social Boundries Under Conditions of "Social Distancing"
- Privacy After Pandemic: Emerging Directions in Privacy Research

For each theme, we have prepared questions and challenges that we want to discuss with privacy scholars from around the world in a series of two-hour online live sessions as well as asynchronously on our site. For more information about CPRN 2020, Click here
To the conference website, Click here.

In the fourth session we will discuss: Privacy after pandemic: Emerging directions in privacy research

This is an agenda exploring and an agenda setting session to consider questions that may face privacy researchers post-pandemic. The field of digital privacy is driven by technological and policy changes with a lot of empirical privacy research focused on either historical or current socio-technical developments. The COVID-19 pandemic offers a potential pivotal moment in our collective relationship with technology, particularly when it comes to privacy, which emphasizes the need to think about the emerging future-oriented privacy research agenda. Asking to engage with this challenge we want to ask:

  1. What are some potential long term repercussions of the pandemic for practices, attitudes, and perceptions of digital privacy?

  2. What research questions are rising from the rapid shift towards adoption and use of mediated communication?

  3. How may policy and technological solutions, developed during the pandemic affect digital privacy practice and research in the post-Corona days. 

  4. Which emerging research questions about digital privacy may benefit from a comparative perspective?