Teaching Legal Technology as Legal Systems / Sari Graben


Wed, 20/11/2019 - 15:00 to 16:30


Room 404, The Faculty of Law, Mt. Scopus, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Sari Graben

Law schools everywhere, are considering the implications of technology for legal education. Nonetheless, few have implemented curricular changes that engage with legal technologies and the institutions in which those technologies manifest. I draft the outlines of a new law school program which delivers a systemic approach to legal education; one as unique in its technological focus and pedagogy as its expected outcomes. While the curriculum is still being developed, systemic thinking provides some context for a new law school at Ryerson University and the challenges for implementation. In this article, I describe how Ryerson has created space in the traditional legal curriculum for a systemic approach based on technological, experiential, and intensive learning and discuss how to develop critical thinking about legal service delivery as a system in and of itself.

Read the Draft Paper.