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Join Our Coming Conference - Law, Cyber and COVID-19 AI and Big Data in Decision-Making (December 9-10, 2020):

Law, Cyber and COVID-19: Cyber Attacks (Day 1, December 9, 2020, See Program Here).

Law, Cyber and COVID-19: Cyber Attacks (Day 2, December 10, 2020, See Program Here).

New Publications:

A Framework for Analysis Attackers’ Accounts
November 12th, 2020

Correct Cryptocurrency ASIC Pricing: Are Miners Overpaying?
November 7th, 2020

New BlogPost:

Dating intermediaries’ liability – the online dating site perspective
October 5th, 2020

New Publications:

Emergency’s Challenges
By: Oren Gross

October 1st, 2020

Legal Challenges of Big Data
By: Joe Cannataci
October 1st, 2020

New BlogPost:

A New Sheriff in Town? A closer look at the Facebook Oversight Board and its proposed new legal model
September 30th, 2020

New Podcast:

Encryption Rights
September 21st, 2020

Online Hate Speech
September 14th, 2020

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