Law, Cyber and COVID-19: AI and Big Data in Decision-Making (Day 1)


Wed, 09/12/2020 - 18:00 to 20:00


Zoom meeting

AD אוניברסיטת חיפה

The Symposium, co-organized by the two leading academic programs in Israel focusing on law and cyber, looks at two areas of interaction between technology and the COVID-19 pandemic: Harnessing digital technology to combat the spread of the pandemic and the exploitation of cyber security shortcomings to launch cyber attacks and engage in data theft. 

In the panel of experts, legal, ethical and policy questions will be raised concerning the use of AI and big data in decision-making relating to governmental responses to COVID-19 (localised movement restrictions, gradual opening of the economy, international travel, distribution of tests etc.), as well as a retrospective and comparative look at the experience of governments with the use of contact-tracing and geo-positioning technology. The panel will  address the lessons learnt and the policy-related pros and cons, as well as risks to human rights from the various technologies employed. 


18:00-18:10 - Opening Remarks
Amnon Reichman, University of Haifa

18:10-18:20 - AI's Democratic Deficit
Tomer Shadmy, The Federmann Cyber Security Research Center

18:20-18:30 - Big Data and Decision Making
Katrina Ligett, The Federmann Cyber Security Research Center

18:30-18:40 - Privacy and Big Data
Eldar Haber, University of Haifa

18:40-18:50 - The Right to Privacy and Digital Technology Measures Taken in Response to COVID-19
Joe Cannataci, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy

18:50-19:00 - Privacy preserving contact tracing - the good, the bad, and the ugly

Orr Dunkelman, University of Haifa

19:00-19:10 - AI Policy in the Healthcare System – Challenges and Opportunities

Ofir Marer, Head of Policy and Regulation, Digital Health Department, Israeli Ministry of Health

19:10-19:30 - Discussion Groups:

- Discussion Group on Privacy and Contract Tracing: Security Services, Industry and the Regulator.

- Discussion Group on AI & Decision-Making.

19:10-20:00 - Open Discussion
Yuval Shany, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Read articles by Globes and Haaretz about the israeli surveillance durig COVID-19(Hebrew)

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