Surveillance Activities Conducted by State Intelligence Agencies: Judicial Review


Wed, 14/03/2018 (All day)


Landmark Chambers, 180 Fleet Street, London EC4A 2HG (entrance is on the corner of Fleet Street and Fetter Lane)


Workshop B: Judicial Review 

  • The goal of this workshop is to discuss the quality of judicial review required in order to effectively oversee the intelligence agencies.
  • The IPA requires that the IPC conduct a ‘judicial review’ of surveillance decisions. However, there are disagreements as to the extent of review required by law.
  • This workshop will be lead by Prof. Maurice Sunkin (Essex) an expert in this area.
  • It will bring together leading UK-based lawyers and academics to discuss the level of judicial review necessary to effectively oversee intelligence activity. Members of the IPC will also attend.

This conference is a part of a series of workshop.
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