Surveillance Activities Conducted by State Intelligence Agencies: Civil Society 


Tue, 17/04/2018 (All day)


North Teaching Centre (NTC 1.02), University of Essex


Workshop A: Civil Society 

  • This workshop is the counterpart to workshop 1, and will bring together members of the human rights community.
  • The same topics will be addressed, allowing a comparison of approaches.
  • It is intended to invite representatives of Privacy International, Article 19, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and Big Brother Watch, as well as members of the IPC.

This conference is a part of a series of workshop.
See the other workshops in the series: Judicial ReviewHuman Rights-Based Approaches to Intelligence OversightThe Intelligence Community.

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This project is centred around understanding and engaging with the practice and oversight of surveillance and monitoring activities conducted by State intelligence agencies, with a particular focus on bulk monitoring techniques.  

The project consists of 4 workshops, each engaging key stakeholders and focused on issues identified as key considerations with respect to intelligence practice and oversight. The other three workshops are:

Workshop B: Judicial Review

Workshop C: The Intelligence Community

Workshop D: Human Rights-Based Approaches to Intelligence Oversight


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