Data Co-ops Workshop


Sun, 22/12/2019 (All day)


Room 501, The Maiersdorf Faculty Club, The Hebrew University, Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem


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The current status quo of how platforms obtain and use individual information leaves individuals vulnerable to a host of information misuses, and denies them fair compensation for the contributions they make to the information-based economy. It also entails risks for society, including chilling effects on speech, discrimination, political manipulation, and amplified harms to underrepresented communities. This workshop will bring together researchers from multiple disciplines: computer science, law, economics, ethics, social science, and more, to discuss these risks and to seed collaborations towards developing interventions that address these risks.

In particular, the workshop will focus on introducing a new layer between users and platforms - data co-ops - that would leverage collective negotiation power and novel technologies to enable individual members to express their preferences with respect to the usage of their information; to compute over its individual members’ information while preserving privacy and security; to negotiate, oversee, and enforce the terms of outsiders' use of the data (including any compensation); and to redistribute value back to data co-op members. We will also discuss how co-ops could serve the interest of groups and of society.

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The Summary of the Conference.


09:00-09:30 – Opening Remarks 
Yuval Shany, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

09:30-10:15 – Introduction to Co-ops (Presentation
Katrina Ligett, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Kobbi Nissim, Georgetown University

10:15-10:45 – Coffee Break

10:45-11:15 Nicolo Zingales – The rise of infomediaries: a matter of trust and joint responsibility (Presentation)
Gal Yona  Fairness in Statistical Data Analysis (Presentation)

11:45-12:15 – Discussion

12:15-13:30 – Lunch

13:30-14:00 Aviv Zohar –  Zero Knowledge Proofs  (Presentation)

14:00-14:30 Michele Loi Data cooperatives and the wide dispersal of data power (Presentation)

14:30-15:00 Discussion

15:00-15:30 – Coffee Break

15:30-17:00 – Working Groups

17:00-17:30 – Report Back

17:30 – Candle Lighting 

Alexandra Korolova
, Stanford University 
Allison Whitmer, Georgetown University
Amnon Reichman, University of Haifa
Amy O'Hara, Georgetown University
Aylet Gardon, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Benny Pinkas, Bar Ilan University 
Bo Waggoner, University of Colorado
Daniel Goroff, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
David Levi Faur, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Elizabeth Edenberg, Georgetown University
Fabiana Di Porto, University of Salento and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 
Frauke Kreuter, The University of Maryland
Jules Polonetsky, Future of Privacy Forum
Limor Shmerling Magazanik, IsraelTech Policy Institute
Mark Hanin, Georgetown University
Niva Elkin Koren, University of Haifa

Oz Levy, Israel Ministry of Health 
Ron Hermon, Israel Ministry of Health
Roy Cohen, Israel Ministry of Health
Sharon Bassan, DePaul University
Tamar Berenblum, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Yahav Bechavod, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem



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